Peter Králik: We are already selling hundreds a day

One month before the start of the EMF EURO, which will take place from June 4 to June 11 at the Steel Arena in Košice, we interviewed Peter Králik, President of the Slovak Minifootball Association and Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee.

Peter Králik: We are already selling hundreds a day

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How are the preparations going from your point of view?

Four weeks before the start of the tournament, the preparations slowly culminate. The last and most important tasks await us. I think we are on schedule, which I am very pleased about. I expect the upcoming weeks to be even more challenging, but only because we want this event to be as close to perfection as possible.

As the head of the LOC, do you feel nervous about the upcoming event?

I have to say not yet. Of course, I'm not organizing the first event, so I know that nervousness is yet to come. At the same time, however, I don't think we have any major complications that would stress me out at the moment. I firmly believe that we have a capable team that can handle everything in time, and we will prepare a perfect event for spectators and players.

What will make this tournament significant?

For two years now, I have been preparing our European Minifootball Federation for an exceptional event. We want to go down in the history of this amateur sport. It will be a tournament that Minifootball in Europe has never experienced. I can say that for sure because I know what we are preparing. We will try to sell out eight thousand tickets, we prepare a great show and program, music provided by DJ EKG and DJ Lieskovsky, after party and other surprises.

I believe that the pictures that the participants from Košice will send home to their countries will really change a Minifootball on the old continent.

How are the ticket sales going?

I am quite satisfied with the pace of sales at this stage, we are already selling hundreds tickets a day and it is accelerating every day. I know most people seem to keep buying tickets until the last minute, but that's what I'd like to urge them not to wait unnecessarily and secure their seats in the Steel Arena now. With the ongoing campaign in the coming weeks, they will definitely pass quickly. It is our goal to sell out the Košice stadium and I firmly believe that at least a full house will happen for Slovak matches.

One-Day tickets for EMF EURO 2022 are on sale >>

Which team is the tournament's biggest favorite for you?

Of course, we do our best to ensure that our Slovak team is as well prepared to play at home. On the other hand, Europe has several extremely strong national teams, and over the last two years, Minifootball has been able to move significantly forward in several countries. So if I had to guess, in my opinion, they will definitely shuffle the cards Czech Republic, Romania, or Hungary.

I would be very happy if Slovakia will win, although I would not consider us as some big favorites yet. We can only surprise positively. But pressure and responsibility in front of the domestic audience can also properly tie hands or feet.

What is your wish a month before the start of the tournament?

My greatest wish is for the war in Ukraine to end and for the world to return to normal. And as for the upcoming championship, I wish that we would fulfill all the goals we set, that it would be a tournament that would be etched in the memory of all participants, that the best would win in front of the full stands, and that it would move the Minifootball in our country and also internationally.