Group Stage schedule and the start of the Daily ticket sale

The schedule is set for the EMF EURO 2022. 24 teams were previously divided at the Draw Ceremony into 6 groups of 4 teams.

Group Stage schedule and the start of the Daily ticket sale

The opening match of the championship Italy vs. Poland is scheduled for Saturday, June 4th at 10:30. On the same day in the evening, the tournament will start with an opening ceremony at 18:15 in the stunning indoor Steel Arena in Kosice. The final will be played on June 11th.

Also from today will start the second phase of ticket sales. In addition to the whole-day ticket, one-day tickets for the group stage and also playoff games will go on sale. You can buy all tickets via the Slovakian official ticketing portal. Hurry up to get the best seats available!

The sale of season tickets for the EMF EURO 2022 tournament has been going on since 15th March and these whole-championship tickets can be purchased no later than 4th June until 12:00 at affordable prices of 49 and 65 euros.

You can choose a specific date, depending on your preferences, individual matches, and free time, when you will come to the Steel Arena to watch the tournament.

"The championship is coming and we can't wait to see it. The published schedule and the launch of one-day ticket sales mean that we are approaching the final stage. We set the ticket prices as low as possible and I am convinced that people who visit the Steel Arena will not regret a single minute,“ said the President of the Slovak Minifootball Association Peter Kralik.

Ticket types are divided into two categories A and B, which correspond to the lower and upper perimeter of the stadium. The seats in the upper part of the stands (B-category) will only be sold after the capacity of the lower part is at least 75% full.

The program of individual days is divided into two slots: morning and afternoon/evening. You can choose not only a specific day but also a part of the day depending on which matches you want to see. 

"We are preparing an interesting program and an 8 - day Minifootball marathon with everything that goes with it. I believe it will be an experience for every visitor, " added Peter Kralik.

The prices for morning tickets for the first four days of play on the group stage are fixed at 3 euros in both categories. Evening stands are sold for 6 euros per Upper stand (B-category) and 8 euros per Lower stand (A-Category). Tickets for the playoffs starting on Wednesday, June 8, can be obtained for 8 and 10 euros. Tickets for the final match and the duel for third place (Saturday, June 11) have price tags of 10 and 12 euros.

You can get your ticket here. However, it will also be sold on every game day and directly on-site in the Steel Arena. The cost of tickets when buying at the box office at the stadium will be 2 euros higher.

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