Group C: Austria wants to reach the quarterfinals, Bulgarians feel great motivation

We present the Group C of the EMF EURO 2022 in Košice. Where Montenegro, Austria, Bulgaria and Georgia will meet. We are sure that these four can surprise you during the tournament.

Group C: Austria wants to reach the quarterfinals, Bulgarians feel great motivation

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MONTENEGRO: From match to match

Minifootball in Montenegro has made great progress in recent years. The country already won silver at the EMF EURO in 2012 and made it to the semifinals in 2016. Montenegro will go to Košice to win, obviously, but without big statements.

Based on the ranking, Montenegro will be the favorite of the Group C, so they definitely want to advance from the first place, to win the group. They have no star player, they are strong as a team and they want to go step by step, match by match, game by game, so now Montenegro is fully focused only on first match against Georgia

AUSTRIA: The goal is the best eight

The Austrians don't yet have medals from the EMF EUROs. They managed to advance to the elimination phase several times and it will be their goal for the EMF EURO 2022. Satisfaction sounded from the Austrian camp after the draw of the group phase. They were happy to avoid the toughest opponents and have a real chance to meet the basic goal - to advance to the playoffs.

Recently, however, the Austrian national football team has gone through a difficult period, it has had to quickly change coach and also rebuild the national team to be competitive at the EMF EURO 2022 in Košice. The Austrians want to get a place in the WMF World Cup, which means advancing to the top eight and the quarterfinals.

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BULGARIA: Expectations are high

In Bulgaria, Minifootball has a very strong basement. The national team regularly participates in the EMF EUROs until 2011. However, most of the time they did not go beyond the group stage. However, they consider it an obligation in Košice.

"I hope that we will advance to the playoffs without any major problems. I'm not hiding that my expectations from our team are high. We are extremely motivated and we want to show the best performance," says the captain of the Bulgarian team Todor Malinov. According to him, the Bulgarian national team has been preparing together long enough, they are team with great teamwork, and this is how they want to present themselves at the EURO.

GEORGIA: Surprise of the tournament?

Although the senior national team of Georgia has not yet participated in the final European tournaments , the junior team already have experience at this level. Georgians will come to Košice as not a very well known team, but they can also be one of the black horses of the tournament. Youth, ferocity and courage will be Georgian weapons at EMF EURO 2022. How far will they go?