Group A: Slovakia aims to advance from the group stage, Poland wants to surprise everyone

We present the Group A of EMF EURO 2022, its participants and their goals and expectations at the tournament. The host country Slovakia, Poland, Belgium and Italy will meet in this group.

Group A: Slovakia aims to advance from the group stage, Poland wants to surprise everyone

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SLOVAKIA: The basic goal is to advance from the group

Slovaks want to present themselves in Košice as a host country with dynamic and attractive (for viewers) football. They also adapted the strategy, which is based on the six players involved in the game, including the goalkeeper. The team will not rely on one person, it is composed of carefully selected players who will fulfill their specific tasks on the field and thus form one compact team.

The captain is the experienced 36-year-old IVAN BUCHEL, who has represented Slovakia in Minifootball since 2017. Of course, he wants to succeed in Košice, but he does not have too big expectations: 

"I would lie if I would say that I don't want a medal. We will definitely do everything we can to make it as far as possible. But we will go from match to match. The first goal is to advance from the group, which I believe we will succeed. We still don't know yet what team our opponents will come up with. However, we will try to advance from the first place."

Head coach LADISLAV BORBÉLY is aware that the quality of this tournament is high and its trustees do not expect anything simple: 

"It is a home EURO, so expectations from us are more pronounced. However, in terms of quality, the EMF EURO is stronger than World Cup we last participated in Australia. It won't be easy, and that main goal is to make play-offs and try to beat some other teams in play-offs."

POLAND: We want to surprise everyone, we dream about being in the semifinals

The Polish national team wants to build on great team chemistry, which should be their biggest weapon in the tournament. A strong and dynamic left-handed striker Krystian Nowakowski with a dangerous shot stands out at the top of the team.

Media manager MICHAL BURZYŃSKI spoke on behalf of the Polish team, and his words show great determination and optimism: 

“Of course, we would like to win the EURO. We dream of at least a semifinal. However, it is difficult to predict something, because the Polish national team has not yet participated in such a big tournament. The minimum goal will therefore be to move from the group to the playoff phase. We know we are playing against the home country, but otherwise, we don't have much information about our opponents. If we move out of the group, anything can happen in the playoffs. We believe we can surprise everyone."

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BELGIUM: We will go from match to match and see

Minifootball in Belgium is still developing, so this country doesn't belong to the biggest favorites, but can definitely create problems for their opponents. In Košice, they want to show good team performance and compare their strengths with other countries.

"We would like to advance from the group, but we realize that we have tough opponents in it. Nevertheless, we will go to every match only to win. Even though the Belgian football is not at the top level yet, if we manage to advance, it will be amazing," says ORLANDO RENNA, manager of the team.

ITALY: We would like to go as far as possible

The Italian team has not yet gone beyond the group stage at the EURO. He would like to break that at EMF EURO 2022 in Slovakia. We will see on the field what quality the Italians will eventually bring to Košice.

Coach VALTER FERRARO is modest with the statements and expectations before the tournament: 

"We will do everything we can to give ourselves everything and move on from the group. Even though we don't have easy opponents in it. Of course, we would like to go as far as possible and fight for the overall triumph of the tournament. It will not be easy, but we must do our best."